Skilled Nursing Homes Near Me

The Role of Skilled Nursing Homes Near Me

Skilled nursing homes near me are residential facilities where patients can receive skilled nursing services 24 hours a day. Medicare may pay for this if a physician has deemed that a patient requires this care and the services meet their health goals.


Services offered by skilled nursing homes near me include meals, social services, medications, medical equipment, both physical and occupational therapy, and supplies used in the skilled nursing facility. It can also include ambulance transportation to a medical facility if it is too dangerous for a patient to travel and the services needed aren't available at the nursing facility.


Skilled nursing homes near me don’t include hospice or palliative care. For those services, you will need to find a different facility. Admitting your loved one into a nursing home can be a big step so you want to do your research to make a decision that best suits your needs. Visit the facility, ask about routines and policies, and look for reviews.

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