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AVENIDA CARE VILLA is an Assisted Living Facility, known as a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) a Retirement Home, Nursing Home, Elderly Care, or Independent Living Facility. We are a non-medical facility, regulated by California’s Title 22, as a housing arrangement for seniors. 

We are a home-based facility which provides personal care assistance to persons 60 and older who are unable to safely live on their own but do not need 24-hour skilled nursing care. We also serve persons 60 and older who may want to live more independently, but may need companionship & minor assistance.

Origin - Avenida Care Villa originated with a vision to offer “Quality of Life” to our elderly community.  Our vision began as a result of an extensive sociology research project.   Avenida Care Villa was formed with the purpose of providing "Quality Care" and making a difference in the lives of this underserved community.  We provide compassion, tranquility, reverence, security, cultural inclusion, and dignity, so our residents can age gracefully in style. 


What makes ACV different from our competitors is that we focus on “quality of living” rather than just living.


Location - This amazing single-story facility/home is nestled in a quiet neighborhood of Mission Grove in Riverside CA, and has a breath-taking view of the mountains.  Property has a beautiful landscape, it is elegantly decorated & offers comfort & assurance care.  Conveniently located near shopping centers, malls, movies, historical downtown and other entertainments.  

Accommodations - Spacious, sophisticated and comfortable room arrangements. Soothing atmosphere and modern décor.  Our rooms are newly renovated with luxury amenities and a welcoming caddy for each resident containing toiletries and other useful items.  Our comfortable beddings and multiple pillows allow residents to indulge in a relaxing and restful night sleep.  Rooms are sanitized and airborne particles, contaminants, and pollutants are kept within strict limits.


Health and Wellness - We incorporate physical activity in our daily routine to help prevent falls, the leading cause of injury among older adults. Regardless of age, weight, health conditions or abilities, incorporating mild to moderate physical activities can help increase flexibility, strength & balance.

Healthy Cuisine is an integral part of wellness.  We provide delicious and healthy meals.  Our fruits, vegetables and herbs are harvested in our own organic orchard.

20332 Avenida Hacienda Riverside California 92508    |    951-807-3304     |     info@avenidacarevilla.com

License # 331880592

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